The Institute
The Hispanic Institute of Social Issues (HISI), a multimedia publishing Arizona non-profit
corporation, is dedicated to the publication of bilingual —Spanish and English— materials. Our scope
includes the publication of books, audiovisuals, on-line resources, and an e-zine.

Founded in 1998, HISI promotes the flow of information to empower individuals to take action and
make informed decisions. Our framework is educational and informative; our motto is to serve and

Most of our publications deal with Arizona history, social issues and socio-cultural topics. Prestigious
educational institutions such as universities and community colleges across the country have
acquired our books and publications, recognizing their quality and didactic value.

Our expertise in all aspects of digital and print publishing has led HISI to share our knowledge and
internal resources with other non-profit agencies who seek to publish materials for their clients and

Please take a few minutes to navigate our site to learn more about our work and accomplishments
in the community.

Our Mission
The mission of the Hispanic Institute of Social Issues is to make knowledge available to everyone
through multimedia publications, and to promote and stimulate the natural desire to learn and to
excel. We believe that education and information is the legitimate antidote that frees us from the
bondage of disinformation.

We visualize a growing Latino community, not only in the demographic sense of the word, but also in
knowledge, potential, and opportunities.

HISI supporters contribute to advance our vision and mission. You can become a supporter by
purchasing special items that provide necessary funding for some of our free services.
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"To serve and educate"
Hispanic Institute of Social Issues