Barriozona Magazine
Barriozona, Bilingual Community Expression, was founded as a print magazine in December of
2002, and under the educational concept of the Hispanic Institute of Social Issues. Barriozona
evolved from its founders early efforts in 1998 to educate Latinos about traffic issues and laws
through an eight-page newsletter called “Avance” (Advance.) The editors, saw the need to expand
this concept into a broader publication to include social issues in general, present them in English
and Spanish, and with an educational framework.The result of this was Barriozona.

Barriozona was published as a print magazine from December 2002 to mid-2005. During the
summer of ’05, the magazine’s editors and the Institute’s advisory board realized the need to
expand Barriozona to a broader audience, as well as to disseminate information in a faster and
more effective way. This led to the creation of Barriozona on-line, and to present it as an E-zine.
Plans to continue the print edition are currently being  discussed.

Barriozona is a publication with its eyes on the community. It is focused on presenting social issues
affecting our society, to inform and educate the public, and to create awareness. It presents profiles
and stories about the people that give meaning and value to our community.

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"To serve and educate"
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