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Los zapatos del inmigrante y otros escritos
Summary in English

Los zapatos del inmigrante y otros escritos (The Shoes of the Immigrant and
Other Writings) is a book written in Spanish that summarizes more than a
decade of journalistic work on the topic of immigration in the United States.

The book presents different aspects of the life of immigrants that include
employment, education, economy, language and discrimination, among other
social issues that affect in one way or the other the experiences of millions of
people who left their countries of origin to try to improve the quality of their lives.

In spite that the vast majority of immigrants arrive to the U.S. with the best
intentions, this book proves that many of them get tangled in situations that
represent the exact opposite of what they imagined when they migrated,

Author Eduardo Barraza, a journalist and photographer for more than two
decades, analyzes the cases of jailed undocumented immigrants, day laborers
waiting for work on the streets, a teenager killed by police, a homeless immigrant
who becomes a great artist, and others that reveal not necessarily the "American
Dream" but the reality of the immigrant experience.

The book includes photographs that show diverse aspects of immigrants in the
United States in the context of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Eduardo Barraza
Title: Los zapatos del inmigrante y otros escritos
Language: Spanish
Pages: 193 (black and white photographs)
ISBN-13: 978-1936885060
Price: $19.95  (+ 3.99 manejo y envío)

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Los zapatos del inmigrante y otros escritos 9781936885060 Eduardo Barraza
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