La bestia
La tragedia de migrantes centroamericanos en México

La bestia, la tragedia de migrantes centroamericanos en Mexico (The Beast, The
Tragedy of Central American migrants in Mexico) is a book in Spanish that
expands the documentary "The Beast". The book exposes in detail the
difficulties, the dangers and the feelings thousands of human beings who leave
their home countries in Central America face in their dangerous journey.

They travel through one of the most risky and violent routes in the world for
undocumented immigrants as they cross through Mexico on top of "la bestia" (or
the beast), as the perilous freight trains they ride to try to make it to the United
States are called.

Journalist, filmmaker and author Pedro Ultreras (7 Soles, 2007) makes use of the
profuse material he produced during and after the shooting of his documentary
"The Beast", and transfers it to a deeper dimension, narrating the adventures,
the hazards and the deeds these migrants and himself -as he also rides "the
beast" along migrants- go through on the dreadful journey they follow in pursuit
of an economic prosperity that often leads them to a tragic outcome of their

La bestia, la tragedia de migrantes centroamericanos en Mexico is a
well-documented book that serves as a historical record of the most recent
events about of the phenomenon of Central American migration, as well as
gathers the testimonies of the migrants he meets along the "migrant's route",
presenting his chilling interviews with men and women who desperately seek to
reach the U.S.

In this book, Ultreras presents a summary of the 2010 atrocious mass massacre
of migrants in Mexico, the 2011 dramatic caravan of Central American family
members seeking their missing relatives in Mexico, as well as a brief analysis of
the first ever immigration law the Mexican government enacted in the wake of the
mass killings of migrants.
La bestia, la tragedia de migrantes centroamericanos
en Mexico
is profusely enriched with photographs taken by the author.

Pedro Ultreras
Title:  La bestia, la tragedia de migrantes centroamericanos en México
Language: Spanish
Prologue:Alejandro Solalinde Guerra
Preface: Emilio Álvarez Icaza Longoria
Pages:  226 (with black & white photographs
ISBN-10: 1936885085
ISBN-13: 978-1-936885-08-4
Price:  $21.95  (+ 3.99 shipping & handling))
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