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HISI began its book publishing division in 2002. Since then, we have published
hundreds of titles in English, Spanish and bilingual.

To order any of HISI's books, or to obtain more information please call (480) 939-9689

We accept Purchase Orders. For all mail orders, please remember to include the ISBN, your name, mailing
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We accept Purchase Orders from libraries and bookstores.
Some titles are available through the Ingram Advance Catalog.

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Portada del libro Nacozari de García, Tres siglos de historia y minería del autor Ernesto Ibarra, y publicasdo por Hispanic Institute of Social Issues.
Portada del libro Por unas botas de piel la cultura del narco de brujos y pachucos.escrito por Sergio Octavio Díaz Herrera. Foto: HISI © 2016
Born on the Border, Minutemen Vigilantes, Origins of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Movement, and a Call for Increased Civil Disobedience by Ray Ybarra Maldonado. Book publsihed by HISI
Portada del libro Pedro Ultreras La bestia, Tragedia de migrantes centroamericanos en Mexico. HISI © 2012
Los zapatos del inmigrante y otros escritos 9781936885060 Eduardo Barraza
Day of the Dead, Sophia Remembers book cover.
Portada del libro Coyotes en el cine fronterizo por Juan Villa
Documented Dreams Compiled by Yvonne Watterson Photos by Eduardo Barraza
"To serve and educate"
Hispanic Institute of Social Issues
Raul H. Yzaguirre: Seated at the Table of Power
Dichos de mi Padre: Sayings of my Father by Geneva Maria Escobedo
The Death of Professional Boxing by Roger Yanez
The carved stone of the Mexica, or
Aztec, civilization found by chance
on February 21, 1978 unleashed an
archaeological chain reaction that
in the following months and years
led to the excavation of the ruins
of the Great Temple of

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Coyolxauhqui, hallazgo clave de la arqueología mexicana Edición especial - Barriozona Magazine